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©2019 Sweet Bits and Pieces

Styling life's milestones into unforgettable moments 



My name is Angie and welcome to Sweet Bits and Pieces. I am a proud momma of 3 beautiful children and a lymphoedema physiotherapist! Yes!.. Thats right I am a trained physiotherapist! So how did i get into styling?


Well...7 years ago, in 2012 I was a very sleep deprived mum of 2 baby boys born 18months apart. Whilst on maternity leave and amidst all the chaos I started planning my second sons christening. As I started to research boys christening themes I started to stumbled across so many beautiful pictures of gorgeous events and candy displays. I was in awe!

With a creative background from my schooling, completing 3unit art in the HSC, I took it upon myself to decorate the party! After all I was on maternity leave and had nothing to do! RIGHT?... Boy was I wrong!

I instantly fell in love with my candy jars and cake stands. It became an obsession and I had to get them all! Some of which I can proudly say I still have and use today. 

From there I started helping out friends with their kids parties until one day I decided to try my luck and take it further. I registed my business name and signed up to attend a wedding expo and got my first ever paid job! I was so excited! I gave it my absolute all and what a candy bar it was!

From there my 3rd baby, Sweet Bits and Pieces, continued to grow as did my love for styling. Each and every job became a challenge to execute each and every theme. Whether it was a candy bar station a dessert table or a complete event, I would completely loose myself in the planning, design and execution of each and every event. 

Today that passion for styling events continues. Each and every job is like planting a seed and watching grow into a beautiful flower! Or like giving birth as I sometime like to refer to it! Each and every one of my events is like my little baby. And I am so proud to sit back and watch on as my clients celebrate as I bring their vision to life!

So if you have a special event coming up don't do what I did and go mad planning it! Let us style your event and make your Pinterest dreams come true! 


Let us take your ideas and style your milestones into unforgettable moments!

Angie xx